Self Care Amidst The Grind

Dated: 08/29/2019

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Texas Property Chick Cynthia Corder Self Care Amidst The GrindWe all live in a grind, but who is going to care for you in the middle of it? 

The answer is YOU!

For many men and women, the idea of self-care is a luxury. However, it is not something only reserved for those with six-figure paychecks. The truth is that everyone needs to take care of themselves, and although needs are different from person to person, there are a few things that should never be neglected. Time alone and adequate sleep are non-negotiable facets of self-care. Keep reading for more on these and other personal care tactics you can’t ignore.

Personal Time

Personal time is crucial to your physical and emotional well-being. As much as socialization can improve your overall happiness, time spent by yourself can boost your mood even more. Unfortunately, there is much stigma around being alone, and many people mistakenly correlate being alone to being lonely

The two are vastly different.

If you are not accustomed to being alone, or if you have children or a job that demands your constant attention, it may be time to get away. Full-blown vacations are expensive, however, but a quick weekend at the beach is a great option. Galveston can be a great option for getting away, and it boasts many different accommodation options to suit your budget. Turnkey asserts that Galveston is a prime spot to visit that has everything from cottages, condos, and beach bungalows, not to mention plenty of shopping and dining opportunities in the city’s Historic District. As an added benefit, skipping the hotel will give you a chance to prepare healthy foods for yourself so that you can stay put while you are away.


As relaxing as a weekend away is, it pales in comparison to the importance of sleep. ResMed explains that sleep tells your body when it’s time to heal damaged cells and recharge your cardiovascular system. Furthermore, having a good night’s sleep gives your mind an opportunity to purge the input you’ve accumulated throughout the day.

Plan to prioritize sleep, even if it means changing your schedule. You should dedicate at least eight hours to being in bed each night. Avoid stimulating activities in the hours leading up to nighttime, and don’t drink coffee past 3 pm. Talk to your doctor if you experience sleeplessness for more than a few nights in a row. They may be able to help you evaluate your lifestyle and recommend changes to your routine that can help.

Other Self-Care Strategies

Quit taking on too much. Most of us feel that we must say “yes” to every request that comes our way. The truth is that doing so may do more harm than good. It is okay to set aside some time for yourself and your family without feeling obligated to anyone else.

Tell stress to take a hike. Whether you are on vacation or laying in bed, stress has a tendency to stick around. Learn ways to help yourself let go of lingering anxieties. You might meditate, exercise, or talk to a counselor.

Eat right. A busy lifestyle can leave you eating on-the-go. However, all that does is fill your belly; it does not properly fuel your body. So, skip the drive-through and make a point to avoid anything that comes in a box. The nutrition you consume plays a huge role in how you feel both mentally and physically.

Relax. Letting go of stress and relaxing are not necessarily the same thing. Give yourself an opportunity to wind down each day by reading a book, watching your favorite television show, or simply sitting in the sun.

Self-care isn’t wearing expensive make-up, getting massages, or slacking on your responsibilities. Instead, it is the small actions you do regularly to keep yourself going in a forward motion. Don’t wait to get to know your self-care needs because every day without self-love is a day you miss feeling your very best.

Guest writer, Brad Krause

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