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Staying Safe in a Tornado!  The season is upon us that the weather can bring unknown changes at any time and you must always be prepared for anything.  Tornadoes can be very scary and dangerous and when announced you should have a plan in mind for you and your household.  Tornadoes can do major destruction with high winds to anything within their paths.

The first thing to do when you have heard news about a possible tornado is to stay informed about it so you want to keep watching TV/ internet /or radio to stay informed as to what is going on so that you know where the activity is and what to expect.  You should always keep batteries on hand in case of emergency so that you have radio communication and a way to keep your cell phones charged in case of loss of power.  Having a generator is a wonderful thing if at all possible. An emergency kit in your home and even in your vehicle is also a very good idea.  This kit should include bottled water and non-perishable food and medications that you may need.  Another item that is always important to have on hand is a list of contact phone numbers and any important information that you may need.

Some warning signs of a tornado can be: a dark or green-colored sky; a large, dark, low-lying cloud; large hail; or a loud roar that sounds like a freight train. If you see or hear any of these warning signs, take cover immediately.

The key to safety in a tornado is knowing where the safest place to be in your home is.  The basement is the safest place if you have one but many homes do not have one, so the next best place to go would be to an interior room that does not have any windows.  This can be a bathroom or closet in your home.  A good idea is to make a plan with your family so that everyone knows what room to go to in case a disaster ever does happen so that you are prepared.  

You should always avoid windows during these type of storms as flying debris could come through at any time.  If you reside in a mobile home it is best in most cases to evacuate during a tornado. If you are driving a car, do not try to outrun a tornado it is safer to try and find a building to shelter in for safety. 

Be careful of your surroundings. Listen to the weather channel and weather reports and always have a plan in mind.  Be prepared way before you ever need to and stay safe out there!

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